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Little Beat Records and Archives reissues and restores Danish recordings made during the German occupation, 1940-45, and the following years. During those days, swing music prospered in Denmark and a number of bandleaders and soloists were very popular with the general public. A hectic blooming nightlife paved the way for prolonged engagements, which in turn elevated the quality of the music and musician performance ability. In fact, certain bands reached an artistic level not far from the achievements of their American idols.

Original founders of Little Beat Records/Archives were Jørgen Vad, Leif Bjerborg, Peder Chr. Hansen and Allan Rasmussen.

Peder Chr. Hansen, Leif Bjerborg and Jørgen Vad constitute the liable proprietors. 

Today the present agency contributors consist of:

Leif Bjerborg, Peder Chr. Hansen, Frits Schjøtt, Gorm Valentin and Christel Lauritzen.

Classic Danish Jazz

We greatly appreciate and acknowledge our contributing supporters:

Svend Asmussen, Arne Astrup, Jørgen Bengtson, Jan Bruér, Jimmy and Jytte Campbell, Jonny Campbell, Hans Dreisig, Mårten Dyrén, Johann Dændler, Björn Englund, Kai Lykke Ewald, Niels Foss, Lars Kjær Hansen, Svend Hauberg, Bent Henius, Göran Henrikson, Håkan Henriksson, Arne Birger Johansen, Eric Kirschner, Johannes Knudsen, Karl Emil Knudsen, Max Leth, Rainer Lotz, Karl Åge Lund, Roger Malmqvist, Ole Kloster Petersen, Ole Pilgaard, Michael Rasmussen, Børge Ring, Brian Rust, Claus Røllum-Larsen, Jan Schiöpffe, Bernhard 'Benny' Schwartzmann, Gustav Sckerl, Allan Stephensen, Kjersti og Ulf Svensson, Gotfred Sørensen, Sonny Tchikai, Michael Thomsen, Jørgen Vad and Laurie Wright.

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